Quiz Questions for Invitation to the Game

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  • Read each question

  • Use the web links and your knowledge of Monica Hughes’s novel to write a response.

  1. Lisse describes all of the characters special talents and interests that aid them in “The Game” and qualify them to participate. If you were a part of “The Game” what special trait would you contribute for survival? How would that trait help for survival?

  2. Throughout your life you are given freedom to choose where you live, what your job will be, who you hang out with, and even what you wear. What if the government told you that you no longer had the right to make these choices and they decided your future? How would that make you feel? When has this happened in the past? (Hint: Think about concentration camps.

  3. Describe two characters and their relationship before “The Game” and after they receive the “Prize”. What events led to this change, if any?

  4. Describe the setting of where the characters are sent when they participate in “The Game” and draw your interpretation of the surroundings.

  5. How would you feel if you were replaced by a robot? Do you see this happening in the future?

  6. What would you do if you were given your own planet? Who would be the leader? Who would you bring with you? How would you survive? (aka food, shelter, weather?) From this information, write a letter persuading the government to your opinion of the effectiveness of your plan.