WebQuest Quiz
Answer each of the following questions in a separate Word document.

  1. List two advantages and two disadvantages that you feel Harry Potter has experienced because of going to a boarding school.

  2. Describe the “Dark Mark” mentioned in the book summary. What characteristics of this symbol are like other symbols that are considered evil?

  3. What is a love spell? Why are love spells important in The Half-Blood Prince?

  4. What do you think about tests that are determining factors in future educational possibilities? Would it be fair if you were no longer allowed to learn more on a subject if you did poorly in that subject on a test like the O.W.L.? How would a situation like this relate to SAT and ACT scoring?

  5. Describe how the Wizard and Muggle governments react to each other in The Half-Blood Prince. Would you react in a similar way?

  6. List two ways the Daily Prophet is like the New York Times, and two ways that it is different.

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