WebQuest for Holes - Louis Sachar

The story Holes (240 pages) written by Louis Sachar is meant for tweeners (9-12) of all ages. The book has won numerous accolades including the Newbery medal and the National Book Award.  

Louis Sachar was born in New York in 1954 and moved to California when he was nine years old.  His favorite author was E.B.White.  He earned a law degree in 1980 but since 1989 was able to support himself through writing.  He has published over 20 books.

He now lives in Austin, Texas and this story is based on a place in that state, "...where the Warden owned the shade." He usually writes for 2 hours each morning.

Steps in WebQuest

  1. Read the book summary.
  2. Search the hot sites and consider the story themes, events and characters.
  3. Answer the questions in the quiz by creating a word document.
  4. Visit the rubric to see the grading schedule.

Email the author, John Guenther.