WebQuest Quiz

Holes by Louis Sachar

Answer the questions either in writing or in a word document. Use a paragraph format that considers the 6 trait rubric. 

Each question aligns with the number of the web site.


  1. The author develops interesting characters and places in the story.  Where did the idea of the “place” come from? What is interesting about its name? 
  2. How big is a 5 x 5 hole? What is the volume of dirt that Zero calculated?
  3. The City of Las Vegas and Los Angeles want to help child abuse victims, especially those gripped by prostitution. What gender is of major concern here?  What are the parallels with the group in Holes?
  4. This detention center brings people together? What people? How is this different from “Holes”?
  5. What clothing do the guys wear in Holes?  Why does Sheriff Joe use a special clothing technique? Are there similarities?
  6. Why is Stanley detained? What shocks the judge and the baseball player the most? What is the primary theme of these homeless cartoons?
  7. Could Dan have learned anything from this wrongful arrest?  What did Stanley learn? What was his attitude?