Book/author WebQuest

Holes by Louis Sachar

Go to the hyperlinked sites. Read the article or early part of the story and then be prepared to answer questions.

  1. The Home site for the author and the book.  Louis responds to character development and place.
  2. A site that stimulates ideas from book events. Check out the wreck room and zero’s math.
  3. A news story about child detention and the vicious circle behind the crime and punishment.  Discover the innovation of these two cities.
  4. This Decatur news story speaks about a new community based youth detention center.  The community is trying to keep youths near.
  5. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are known for marking the convicted through special clothing.
  6. Cartoon site and these display the homeless. Consider the themes.
  7. Wrongful arrest and guilt are depicted in the story.  There are other stories that may have similar results.