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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

If I Should Die Before I Wake Hot Sites

(Check these out; they are really cool!)


          1. A complete list of all of the novels written by Han Nolan along with summaries!!!          

                Han Nolan's Book List


         2.A actual interview with Han Nolan about her writing and where she gets her ideas!!!! 

       Interview with Han Nolan   


3. A whole list of books about related subject matter dealing with the Holocaust!!!

       Subject related novels


4.A actual map of the concentration camps sites during the Holocaust!!!

       Map of Concentration Camps


5. Interviews and stories from survivors of the Holocaust!!!

       Holocaust Survival Stories


6. A Holocaust history lesson from a military perspective!!

       Holocaust History Lesson


7. Facts about the American Neo-Nazi movement and how to stop it!

       Neo Nazi Movement


8. A Holocaust Timeline of events!!

       Timeline of Eventsl


9. Han Nolan's acceptance speech after winning the National Book Award!!

       Han Nolan acceptance speech


10. A story about 3 Neo-Nazi's convicted of murder!!

       Convicted of murder




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