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If I Should Die Before I Wake WebQuest
Book Summary
Read the following book summary and then visit the following links to learn more about the author and the subject matter presented throughout this novel.
Harcourt Books, 1994. 293 pp., $6.95. ISBN: 0-15-204679-8

Hilary was involved in a Neo-Nazi gane. She was involved, that is until a motorcycle accident ends her up in the hospital. She can hear her mother and her grandmother talking to her, however she cannot talk back. She knows she is in a coma and she can hear people around her saying her death could come any day.

This is when Hilary starts to dissolve into another life, the life of a Jewish girl named Chana who is in a concentration camp. Chana has been separated from her family and friends that she no longer makes any attempt to make friends, for she knows that they will end up dying as well. Hilary transports herself between these two worlds. In one she is a Neo-Nazi laying on her deathbed in a Jewish hospital and the next she is in a concentration camp trying her hardest to stay alive.

This book was really interesting because it gave both sides of the same story. Chana's story takes up most of the book but it allows Hilary, while she is in a coma, to realize exactly what her gang of Neo-Nazis has been doing and all the suffering they have put the Jews through.

I honestly liked this novel a lot because it told the same story from two different viewpoints and I honestly think it changed Hilary for the better. This novel is a must read that I would recommend to anyone. It gives good history that the world needs to remember.



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