A Break With Charity

By Ann Rinaldi

Historical Fiction







          In the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, Susannah English wishes for nothing more than to be included in the circle of girls who meet every week with Tituba at Reverend Parris’ parsonage. As a young Puritan, Susannah is anxious for some excitement, as well as the desire to fit in and be one of the girls. However, Susannah does not realize the inner-workings of this exclusive click. Driven by the desire to know the whereabouts of her older brother William, a captain on one of her father’s merchant vessels, Susannah enters the parsonage to discover William’s fate. Tituba also warns Susannah of terrible times to come, and wisely Susannah takes heed of Tituba’s advice.

            Ann Putnam, the leader of the parsonage click, and the other girls in the group will eventually let loose a flood of accusations in which only Susannah knows the real truth. Ann Putnam threatens Susannah to keep their secret, or she and the other girls will name her family as witches. Will Susannah keep quiet or break charity with the group of accusers and reveal their secret? If Susannah does break charity, hopefully it will not be to late.


Rinaldi, Ann. A Break With Charity. Harcourt Brace Inc. 1992.295.9780152046828.