This novel tells the story of Bella, a girl who moves from Phoenix to the rainy, dreary northwest.  Bella didn’t leave many friends behind in Phoenix and at her new school, she quickly befriends several students.  Even the guys in this new school are interested in the ‘new girl.’  Yet, Bella’s love interest in this story is Edward. Edward does not show the same affection towards Bells in the beginning only because he is afraid of causing her harm.  They eventually come to adore one another but Edward is terrified that he may injure Bella.  He is a vampire but his family substitutes animal blood for human blood.  They are "vegetarian" vampires, as their family refers to themselves.  This novel will have you rooting for them to devise a way to be together or wishing they would choose someone more fitting.  Edward is a vampire after all.  How could they ever be together? 

That is the answer you will provide in this assignment.