20 points total
Ideas/Content (6 points)
    Clearly stated main idea that shows knowledge and understanding of the material
    Provides enough information to answer the question completely
    Contains clear and relevant details/quotes to support main idea
    Precise answer with only relevant information
Organization (4 points)
    Powerful opening
    Easy to follow flow
    Well manufactured transitions
    Solid, well developed paragraphs
    Solid conclusion
Voice (2 points)
    Appropriate voice for topic, purpose, and audience
    Conviction in the answer
    Writing is interesting to read
Word Choice (2 points)
    Language appropriate to topic, purpose and audience
    Shows a broad/creative use of language
    Words evoke strong images and emotions
Sentence Fluency (2 points)
    Variation of length and type of sentences
    Pleasing sentence flow from one to the next
    Cadence to emphasize meaning
Conventions (4 points)
    Correct use of the English language
    Correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar
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