Quiz on Monster Hot Links


  1. After looking under the link “Press Release” what novel did Toni Morrison win the Pulitzer Prize for?  In relation to the novel, what is significant about the awards on this link?
  2. Why does Jose B. Rivera maintain this website?  What is his philosophy?  In a paragraph, create and explain your own neighborhood philosophy.
  3. After reading a film review, answer three similar questions of your choice from the perspective of Steve Harmon in Monster.
  4. Review one case on Court TV and summarize the main points in 8 sentences.
  5. Look under Crime Stoppers.  Do you think it’s morally right or effective to post pictures and crimes for the general public to view?  Support your answer for both ideas.
  6. Who is Rudy Giuliani (include 5 facts) and where is he mentioned in the novel?
  7. Write a page one to a journal entry using one of the 19 (the first is excluded) ideas in the article “20 Ways to Fill Page One.”
  8. What is incongruent with the summary of About BOP (Bureau of Prisons) and Steve Harmon’s fears in jail?
  9. Within the film studies link, what film reviews are available?  How would you rate Steve’s future/potential film?
  10.  After reading the West Memphis Three account, what connections to you see in this case to Monster?  What do these accounts reveal about our legal system?