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Directions: Go to the following hyperlinked sites. Explore the site and be prepared to answer questions and complete activities in the quiz.

History of the Pledge of Allegiance

News media report about the Pledge

A legal decision about the Pledge$file/0016423.pdf

The Anthem...the whole thing

Controversial performances of the Star Spangled Banner

Flag-information and activities

Does English own the Anthem?

Oy vey, another one about the Spanish-American Anthem?

How fast is that?

School uniforms...uniform behavior?

Music about the classroom

Who is the superintendent?

What's a school board meeting like?

Do principals have to go to school for that stuff?

Author's Homepage - Avi

Interview with the Author

Interview with Avi

How does my school compare to one in Korea?

What are the rules like in Korean schools?

An essay about Korean schools?

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