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Structural Organization

Essay lacks logical progression of

Essay includes brief skeleton (introduction, body, conclusion) but lacks transitions 

Essay includes logical progression of ideas aided by clear transitions 

Essay is powerfully organized and fully developed  


Understanding of Material

Apparent misunderstanding of material 

Limited understanding of material displayed by vague, unclear language 

Developing understanding of material 

Clear understanding of material displayed by clear, concrete language and complex ideas 



Essay addresses topic but loses focus by including irrelevant ideas 

Essay is focused on topic and includes few loosely related ideas 

Essay is focused on the topic and includes relevant ideas 

The essay is focused, purposeful, and reflects clear insight and ideas 



Frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation 

Errors in grammar and punctuation, but spelling has been proofread 

Occasional grammatical errors and questionable word choice  

Nearly error-free which reflects clear understanding and thorough proofreading 



Few to no solid supporting ideas or evidence for the essay content 

Some supporting ideas and/or evidence for the essay content 

Support lacks specificity and is loosely developed 

Specific, developed details and superior support and evidence in the essay content 



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