For this quiz there are going to be multiple answers that could be correct. That is not the point. What you need to do when you answer a question is justify your answer with one to three quotes from the book and possible explanation. The better you can justify your answer, the higher grade you can earn. Each question is worth up to 5 points. If you need to justify your answer with your own personal explanation, feel free to. Good Luck!!


1. Why did Cole go on his quest to find his sister's murderer?


2. Why did Ruben want to go with Cole?


3. What was meant by "Let the dead bury the dead?"


4. Who was looking out for whom? (Ex. Was Cole looking out for Ruben or the other way around?)


5. Why did Ruben let Red go?


6. What do you think that Cole did to get the information out of Quentin?



Points to Ponder: family, revenge, grief, conscience, love, honor, courage, and manipulation