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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Dennis Groves
Brian Carney
Jangmi West
Hot Sites and Pictures

the intrudersthe intruders

Interested in finding a real haunted house? Visit

An article by Kyla Ward entitled “Scaring the Children,” which focuses on the current popularity of adolescent horror.  It also chronicles a few popular writers within the genre:

An interview with R.L. Stine in which he discusses what it’s like writing Children’s horror, and the limitations writing to a younger audience:

A review of E.E. Richardson’s book The Intruders:

A review of E.E. Richardson’s book Devil’s Footsteps:

Steps in Webquest

1. Read the book summary

2. Search the hot sites

3. Answer the questions to the quiz

4. Visit the rubric to see the grading scale

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