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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

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                              Author’s Biography: E.E. Richardson
E.E. Richardson is fairly new to the world of young adult literature.  Releasing Devil’s Footsteps in August of 2005, he went on to release The Intruders approximately one year later.  Known for his creativity and imagination, Richardson is respected for his ability to release horror novels that are appropriate for younger audiences.  His next book, tentatively titled The Summoning, is due out in 2007.  This book will most likely follow the gothic tradition in which he has established himself.
            It is also interesting to note that Richardson wrote his first novel while he was still a student at the University in England.  His fresh talent and strong work ethic are sure to inspire upcoming works of adolescent literature around the world.  In fact, Devil’s Footsteps has already been translated into Spanish. 

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