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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Brian Carney

Dennis Groves

Jangmi West

Grading Rubric


5 - Student answers questions in complete sentences, demonstrating knowledge of the book.  Answers are well thought-out and refer back to the book. No spelling or grammar mistakes.


4 - Responses are clear and thoughtful, but may not answer the entire question.

General references to the book are included, but specific references are lacking. Few spelling or grammar mistakes are present.


3 - Questions are answered with some spelling or grammar mistakes.  Answers may be too general or do not completely answer the question. Few references to the book are included.


2 - Responses are difficult to understand because of spelling or grammar mistakes.  Responses also show a lack of understanding of the book. No references to the book are made.


1 - Responses are poorly written and almost impossible to read. Answers show no comprehension of the story and do not reference the book.


0 - No attempt to answer the questions is made.

Steps in Webquest

1. Read the book summary

2. Search the hot sites

3. Answer the questions to the quiz

4. Visit the rubric to see the grading scale


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