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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Dennis Groves
Jangmi West
Brian Carney
The Intruders
Book Summary

When Joel and Cassie Demetrius discover that they are moving in with their mother’s new fiancé and his two children, reactions are mixed.  Joel openly embraces his new family and works hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Cassie, on the other hand, becomes openly hostile and begs her mom to let her return to her old life.  While bitter family feuds begin to break out, however, Joel’s attention is shifted elsewhere.  Not only does he begin to see ghostlike creatures, but he is also haunted by gruesome nightmares.  Soon, odd things begin to occur around the house.  In one instance Cassie’s clothes are wildly thrown around the room, and another time bags of garbage are ripped open and scattered around the yard.
While only Joel and his step brother Tim initially believe that the house is haunted, soon Cassie and Damon undergo experiences that convince them also.  Will the children be able to come together to confront this terror, or will they be too busy arguing amongst themselves to overcome these problems? 

*This book is recommended for Children 12 and up due to the graphic nature of some of    
  the events.   

Steps in Webquest

1. Read the book summary

2. Search the hot sites

3. Answer the questions to the quiz

4. Visit the rubric to see the grading scale

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