Book/Authors WebQuest

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Explore the following websites and be prepared to answer questions on them in the quiz.

  1. Laurie Halse Anderson is the author of Speak.  This website describes Andersonís life and describes her book.
  2. The Tempe Police have their own website about being a police officer.  This website discusses the ways to contact the police and information about crimes.
  3. Many times emotional pain leads to silence.  This website leads to a personís personal story about their own silence after an emotionally crippling tragedy.
  4. Guidance counselors have difficult jobs because they really affect the lives of their patients.  This website gives details about exactly what a guidance counselor does.
  5. Rape is a crime that many women are afraid to go to the police with.  This website gives rape victims information on what to do if they have been raped.
  6. Problems kids go through in the ninth-grade.  This article describes many of the problems facing ninth-graders that many times lead to them getting into trouble.
  7. One of the signs of a student having academic trouble is when they begin skipping classes.  This website links to Tempe University and gives guidelines for helping students stay on track.