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The Five Ancestors Series:  Monkey
Book #2


            Malao’s monkey-style kung fu is as unpredictable and adaptive as Malao himself.  A jovial eleven-year-old, Malao is faced with the hardest period of his life after the destruction of Cangzhen Temple.  He lived his whole life at the Temple with his brothers Fu, Seh, Hok, and Long, but the temple is gone and he no longer has the comfort of his brotherhood.  Now he must find the secrets Grandmaster attempted to hide and the search for his family outside the Temple brotherhood begins.  As Malao’s search takes him through unknown territories, his courage will earn him a trusted friend and interesting guide.  Will he see his brothers again?  Can his oldest brother, Ying, the destructor of Cangzhen Temple, be stopped?  Two things are for certain, Ying is not to be trusted and he must not be allowed to obtain the secret dragon scrolls or all will be lost!

For an online excerpt from this book, please visit the “Books” tab when visiting the official Five Ancestors website here.

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