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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

The Five Ancestors WebQuest Quiz

Use the information from the novels in The Five Ancestors series as well as the Internet links provided in the quiz questions themselves to create a balanced short-answer paragraph.

Answer the following questions in short-answer format of six or more fully developed sentences unless otherwise directed.  Elements of clarity, development, content, structure, and grammar will be considered for each answer and graded on a scale of zero to four points.

  1. The Cangzhen monks are Buddhist (  How does the Buddhist philosophy on enlightenment and balance motivate the young monks to do good (


  1. Are there female ( warrior monks mentioned in any of the first three books in Jeff Stone’s series?  If so, who?


  1. Argue for or against the following statement:  Fu’s physical strength and quickness to act was also his weakness.


  1. One of the major themes presented in The Five Ancestors was the power of family.  How did this theme help either Fu of Malao overcome their shortcomings?  Or, what problems did the theme create?


  1. When Fu was teaching the horse stance ( to children, what principles does he site as necessary elements to proper form and technique?


  1. Compare and contrast the different founding principles between the tiger ( and monkey ( styles of kung fu.  How do these characteristics match with Fu and Malao’s personalities?


  1. Name each of the five warrior monks who escaped Cangzhen, their style of kung fu, at least one representative trait of each style, as well as the name and style of Cangzhen’s destructor.


  1. Fu, Malao, and Seh use techniques of meditation ( to regain mental focus and physical rest.  Where are areas in your life where you might find yourself benefiting from similar techniques and how do you deal with such situations?
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