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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Grading Rubric for The Five Ancestors WebQuest Quiz







Question is unanswered

Vague answer; mostly unclear

Clear concepts, but some undeveloped areas

Very clear communication of ideas


Question is unanswered

Answer is very underdeveloped and without logical form

Clear and logical progression of sentences and ideas with little underdevelopment

Answer is logical, concise, and leaves little room for improvement


Question is unanswered

Answer reflects significant lack of understanding and/or conveyance of subject knowledge

Knowledge of material is apparent but needs more specificity

Answer includes specific examples in knowledge of subject and connects to Internet or class discussion materials


Zero to one sentence answer

Two to three complete sentences

Four to five complete sentences

Six or more complete sentences


Question is unanswered

Many significant errors*

Few errors*

One to no errors

*Indicates teacher discretion


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