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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

The Five Ancestors Series:  Tiger
Book #1


To be trained in the art of kung fu takes years of discipline, dedication, and sacrifice.  Animal styles are chosen to suit a martial artist’s nature and cannot be practiced without a certain degree of mastery.  With a name like Fu, mandarin for the tiger, his tiger-style kung fu was an accurate reflection of his personality—strong, ferocious, and stealthy like a big cat.  Quick to anger Fu struggles to control his inner animal at such a young age.  He was a prodigy, the youngest ever at twelve years old, as were his brothers Malao, Seh, Hok, and Long in their respective styles of the monkey.  After the massacre at Cangzhen Temple, Fu and his brothers were scattered to the winds of fate.  A fierce warrior, Fu battled mysterious opponents to avenge the slaughter of his fellow monks and defeated master.  As his journey unfolds more questions than answers arise.  Soon Fu finds that he will need to figure out his past before he can resolve the problems of the present.  Where were his brothers, the other young warrior monks who escaped?  What was Grandmaster hiding?  More importantly, who was he?


For an online excerpt from this book, please visit the “Books” tab when visiting the official Five Ancestors website here.

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