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The Road of the Dead is the story of two half-gypsy brothers, Reuben and Cole, discovering the rape and murder of their sister, Rachel, and their quest to locate her body and bring her home.  

The two boys come from a single parent family, run by their tearful but understanding mother, due to their gypsy father being in prison for murder that is not what it seemed.

Reuben a quiet young man and the main character of the story; he is quiet, thoughtful, and has a tendency towards empathy.   He has glimpses into the past and into events that are happening, however he cannot control these seer-like visions.  Cole is Reuben's foil, and takes after his father; he is sullen, violent, but duty-driven and dangerous.  He doesn't flinch from anything, including fights and torture, and as such many people flinch from him.


Their quest to the small, dark, and rainy city of Lychcombe is full of danger, lies, deception, and un-looked-for allies in the two brother's lonely quest to find the body of their sister and return home safely.