The Assignment

So many questions about who Bella and Edward are, why the author chose the northwest, and so many more!  You are now the author of “Twilight” and must write an alternate ending.  You are tasked to do the following:

¯   Read the novel “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.  Keep notes of the main events and characters. 

¯   Create a timeline from the book up to the point where you change the story.  Include main features and characters from the story and note where your storyline is inserted.  You are expected to have at least 20 events noted in your timeline.

¯   The timeline can be drawn by hand or computer generated.


¯   Write an alternate ending to “Twilight”.  You determine the ending you would write.  Add characters, change the location, or turn the whole town into vampires.  It is up to you!

¯   The format of your paper must:

o      Include your name, class period, and the date.

o      Be at least 200 words long.

o      Be typewritten, 11 point font, double-spaced.

o      Creativity counts!

o      Be sure to check grammar and spelling.  Errors will result in a reduction in your overall grade!

You will need to turn in:

¯   Notes you wrote from the novel as you read (informal notes on notebook paper is OK)

¯   Alternate Ending (200+ words, typewritten, double-spaced)

¯   Timeline (drawn by hand or computer generated).

Due date:

January 22, 2008

Bonus Points:

5 bonus points will be awarded for every UNIQUE event on your timeline.