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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

The Giver WebQuest Quiz

1.  The website is about the possibility of a movie on The Giver.  What actor do you think should play Jonas?  How about the Giver?  What kind of limitations would the movie place on the book?  Will it be hard to make a movie of this novel?

2.  This website shows "pictures" of Jonas' community.  What do you think of the last picture?  What does it represent?  Do you think it is a good idea to "farm babies" in this sort of way?

3.  There are a lot of possible professions in Jonas' community.  Which would you like to do?  What if you lived in Jonas' community and you were given a profession that you hated? 

4.  What are some of the characteristics of people who join cults?  Do you think that Jonas' community is a cult? 

5.  How were this Doctor's victims put to death?  Is this similar to "release" in The Giver?  Do you think it is right to release patients in the way?

6.  This website tells the basic principles of communism.  Jonas' community is a communist community.  In what ways is this manifested through the book? 

7.  How old was Lois Lowry when she married?  Name a couple of the places where she lived.  Were you surprised to learn that she had traveled so many places?

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