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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


The Wanderer by Sharon Creech

Go to the Hyperlinked sites.  Read the article or follow instructions, and then be prepared to answer questions.

1. The CIA website gives information about countries all over the world.  Look at Bompie's home country of Ireland.

2. Find out all you would like to know about Sharon Creech and her book on her website. 

3.  Animals in the ocean are natural resources.  Look at ways harvesters protect them.

4. Time zones are important to understand when traveling.  Look at this website to learn more.

5. Morse code and the phonetic code are useful tools for communication.  Learn more at this website.

6. The ocean is not a silent place. Listen to some animal sounds here.

7. Wow! You got to the last question. Now let's have some fun. Look at this picture of a dolphin.

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