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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


WebQuest quiz


1. Look at the beginning of chapter 74 where Sophie describes Bompie's beautiful yard.  Discuss the climate of Ireland according to the CIA website and explain how you think it affects Bompie's garden.  Also, why does Bompie have an apple tree in the backyard? Does it make sense that an apple tree would grow well in Ireland?


2.  Look at the author's biography on her homepage.  Write five sentences comparing Sharon Creech's family with Sophie's family.


3.  Name at least two ways lobster harvesters protect natural resources.  How does this relate to what Frank does in the novel?


4.  If it is 6:00 a.m. in Ohio where Sophie's parents live, what time is it for Frank in Nova Scotia?  What time is it for Bompie in Ireland?


5.  Translate your name into Morse code.  Copy it onto your paper.  Write at least three sentences about how Morse code and the   phonetic alphabet are used in the book or in real life.


6. Listen to the sounds of these animals.  For what do you think that the animals that live in the sea use these noises?


7.  Learn how to draw a dolphin.  Print the page and draw your own dolphin on your answer sheet.

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