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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

 Torn Thread  by Anne Isaacs


Author Biography


Anne Isaacs was born in Buffalo, New York, where she lived until she left for college.  As a child, Anne read constantly, selecting books such as Wind in the Willows and Romeo and Juliet.  Her favorite book was Little Women, and she grew up to have a life much like the heroine Jo; maintaining a career as an educator, a mother, and a children's book writer. 

In 1967 Anne left Buffalo for the University of Michigan where she received degrees in English Literature and Environmental Education.  Today she lives in the San Francisco Bay area.  The book Torn Thread is a fictional depiction of the life of Anne's mother-in-law, Eva Buchbinder, as a young woman in a Nazi labor cap in Czechoslovakia from 1943-1945.




Steps in a Web Quest:


1.  Read the book summary

2.  Search the Hot Sites and consider the story themes, events, and


3.  Answer the questions in the quiz by creating a word document

4.   Visit the rubric to see the grading schedule

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