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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


Visit the sites and then answer the questions thoroughly in one or two paragraphs.  Be as specific as possible and connect the information presented on the website to the book.  Each question is worth five points.  To see how your answers will be graded, take a look at the rubric.

1.  Go to the site  What was the use of the yellow star that the Jews were forced to wear? How did the Jews feel about having to wear this badge and why?  If you were forced to wear a badge to identify yourself how would you feel? 

2. Go to the site  Click on Survivor Stories, and then read the story of Joseph Sher, a survivor of a Nazi work camp.  How is Joseph's experience different from or similar to Eva and Rachel's?

3.  Go to the site  Click on History of the KL Auschwitz and then click on The Expansion of the Camp.  What were the three parts of Auschwitz and what happened at each part?  Describe how you would feel if you were a Polish citizen forced to evacuate your house, leave most of your belongings behind, and give your land to the Nazis.

4.  Go to the site  Click on Introduction to the Holocaust.  Read through the information, and then click on one of the blue terms that you might like to learn more about.  Read the information about that term, and then summarize what you have read in one paragraph.

5.  Go to the site  Click on Poetry at the top of the page, and then read the poems by Lyn Lifshin and Judy Cohen.  How are the experiences in these poems the same? Different?  What do these poems make you feel?  D you think these are the kind of poems Eva and Rachel would have written?  Why?

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