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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


1. Describe characteristics of Bee, Tibby, Carmen, and Lena based on their letters.  Then, pick one character and write a letter from their perspective to one of their friends.

2. Ammoudi is where Lena spends her summer learning about love and taking action.  Explore this site and pick an island that you would like to spend your summer visiting.  Explain why you chose the island and describe what types of adventures you might have.

3. Bridget is the most athletic and active character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She spends her summer experiencing teamwork, love, and friendship at a soccer camp in Baja, California. Imagine that the soccer camp, like colleges and universities, requires a personal essay for acceptance to the camp. Write a short (7 - 10 sentences) essay from Bridget's point of view explaining why she wants to attend the camp and what she believes she will gain from the experience. Use the "Elite Summer Residential Camp" information provided on the website to help you craft your personal essay.

4. In the book, Tibby experiences the realities of illness and death when she learns her young friend Bailey has Lukemia, a type of cancer. Often, Tibby avoids speaking about the disease or about her feelings in the emotionally-trying situation.  From Bailey's perspective, write a letter to Tibby helping her to understand more about the disease. You will want to include important aspects of Lukemia, such as the age group it affects, medical implications of the disease (i.e. what portion of the body it affects), its causes and treatments, etc. Try to incorporate as much of Bailey's personality as possible in the letter, explaining the situation to Tibby as she would in the book.

5. Using the information concerning the effects of divorce on children, explain Carmen's reaction to her father's remarriage in a paragraph of sentences. What are some of the reasons the website gives for children's adverse responses to divorce? Do these effects seem to apply to Carmen? Use specific examples from the book to support your answer. Example: Carmen fears change. When she sees her father eating dinner with his new family, Carmen realizes how much things have changed and throws a rock through the dining room window.

December 19, 2005t-size: 14pt">6. The characters in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants maintain a special connection with one another through a pair of magical jeans. The jeans symbolize their friendship and eventually come to relay each character's summer adventures. Select a quotation from the book that you feel relates to the friendships in your life. Using this quotation and, you will construct your own "Traveling T-shirt." The quotation you select must appear on your shirt, and you may add any appropriate slogans, designs, colors, etc. you desire. When you finish designing your "Traveling T-shirt," write a paragraph that explains why you selected the particular quotation, how it applies to the friends/relationships in your life, and the significance of any slogans or symbols placed on the shirt.

7. After reading the review for the Second Summer of the Sisterhood book and taking into consideration the character and personality traits that each of the four girls in the first book exhibits, write a short paragraph explaining what you think each girl will experience this summer.


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