Quiz on Twlilight


Short answer.


  1. There are many other popular vampire stories/books/TV shows/movies out there.  Of which was the authoress, Stephanie Meyer, the biggest fan?  Why?
  2. Why is the cover of the book of an Apple?
  3. Was this book critically well received?  Besides simply being good or bad, why do you think it was received that way?
  4. Why was the book titles Twilight?  What was the original title?
  5. Why was any detailed description of Bella left out of the actual book?
  6. What are some of the main critical complaints of the book?  Do you agree with them?
  7. When did Stephanie Meyer start writing Twilight?  Why is it significant?
  8. How were the two main characters named?
  9. Stephanie Meyer considers Twilight to be a vampire novel for people who do not like vampire novels.  Why is that?
  10. How did the location of Forks come to pass?  Why is that location important to the story?