Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop

Pop Quiz

      1. This book is titled Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop.  Explain how Andy could be considered the Prince of Pop in his art and in what he loved.



      2. Some of Andy’s critics considered it silly of him to paint such common objects from everyday life, such as soup cans and dollar bills.  Do you think it was silly?  Did he actually make everyday life more meaningful by doing so?  Is there something in your everyday life that other people consider silly but you consider meaningful?  (See page 44.)


      3. Consider Andy Warhol’s use of silk-screening (also called screenprinting) and his statement that “I think somebody should be able to do all my paintings for me.  I haven’t been able to make every image clear and simple and the same as the first one.  I think it would be so great if more people took up silk-screens so that no one would know whether my picture was mine or somebody else’s.”  Do you agree with Andy?  How does that fit with the art world’s high value of the “original” of a piece of art?  (pp. 45-46)


      4. Andy called getting ready for an evening out “putting my Andy on.”  What did he do in this process?  What do you do to get ready to go somewhere special?  Does it feel like you are making yourself who you are? (See p. 115.)


      5. Andy’s most famous quote is “In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.”  Do you think this is true?  Is now far enough into the future that it should be true?


      6.  What is the Time Capsule 21 project, and how does it relate to Andy’s philosophy on common things?

What do you know about the Prince of Pop?