Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop

About The Authors

“There is a feeling that comes over me when I’m writing well. It is the same feeling I get from seeing a great painting. All my senses are engaged. The imagination runs free. Ultimately, it’s an act of sharing.”—Jan Greenberg


Jan Greenberg


Since childhood, Jan Greenberg’s life has been focused on art and writing, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that she combined these two interests, eventually writing two important books on art for young adult readers. Her interest in contemporary art was stimulated during her years at a private school in St. Louis, Missouri. The art educator from the local museum came each week to show films and slides of abstract expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock.  After her marriage, Greenberg was surrounded by contemporary art. Her husband has a gallery, and at home their private collection was growing. Greenberg’s interest in writing about art grew out of her desire to make the subject comprehensible to children: “I noticed that young children were open to contemporary art, but by the time they reached their teens, many didn’t understand it. The Painter’s Eye came out of my desire to help young people develop a language of art.” Out of this came both The Painter’s Eye and The Sculptor’s Eye, which Greenberg wrote with Sandra Jordan. Each book includes interviews with the artists, full-color reproductions, and photos of the artists at work.



Sandra Jordan


Sandra Jordan is an editor, writer and photographer based in New York City



About the Collaboration


Greenberg and Jordan have merged their mutual interests in writing and art in an acclaimed series of books for young people. They aim to help kids explore their reactions to art beyond their first impressions. "What you say after you say, 'I like it!' or 'I don't like it!' is what [our work] is all about," they say. Much of their writing focuses on past American artists, such as Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. However, they have also profiled living artists, such as Chuck Close and the architect Frank O. Gehry. For these books on living artists, part of their material comes from personal interviews with their subjects. Their most recent book is about the painter Vincent van Gogh. Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan's series of books about art for young people have reached a wide audience