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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Rubric for Literature Review Webquest

Your answers for the quiz will be out of thirty-five (35) points.  Twenty-five (25) of the points will be for the quality of your writing based on the six traits model and the other ten (10) will be for the content used in the answer as well as the justification you provide for your response.

The following six trait rubric will be used to assess your writing.  Consider whether or not your responses address each area of ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. 


Outstanding (5)

Developing (3)

Beginning (1)


Narrow, manageable, fresh, answers creatively

Fairly broad, reasonably clear, attempted support, unanswered questions

Searching, unclear, restating, flat, disconnected


Flows smoothly, connected transitions

Fair transitions, some disconnection, some support for theme

Rambling introductions, development and conclusions


Resonates, risk taking, textured tone, personal

Pleasing and earnest, one or two surprises, obscure in some places

Monotone or repetitive, risk-free, impersonal

Word Choice

Accurate, specific, pictures, lively verbs, obvious precision

Generally adequate and correct, colorful attempts, passive verbs, occasionally refined, some hackneyed phrases

Vague, boring, limited, clichéd, words do not work

Sentence Fluency

Enhanced meaning, varied structure and length, cadence, tempo, beat

Routine but sufficient, some variety, hunt for clues, some stiffness and awkwardness

Choppy, rambling, unnatural, discordant, non-expressive openings for other traits


Generally correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization. Sound paraphrasing

Sufficient spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization. Not serious problems with grammar

Frequent errors with spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization. Lack of paraphrasing, unclear reading

This rubric will assess the content of your answers and the


Outstanding (5)

Developing (3)

Beginning (1)


Several references to the book as well as the website provided in the links area.  References make sense in the context of the response.

Some references to the book and websites.  Most references make sense in the context of the response.

Little or no reference to the book or websites.  References made have nothing to do with the response and are irrelevant.

Quality of Response

December 19, 2005ass="MsoNormal">There is an obvious link between the information in the answer and the question asked.

Information presented in the answer may diverge from what the question is asking. 

Information does not address the issues in the question.  Little or no apparent effort.

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