I really wish I had some profound thoughts on music in general and specifically composition. I’ve come to realize that there are many great musics out there that can be enjoyed and used as a catalyst for one’s own work. One can sit around waiting for that fickle inspiration angel to come down and sing in one’s ear, but when all else fails one must resort to good ol’ craft and sweat. Personally, I love lush harmonies and complex polyphony. Despite my musical upbringing I resist musical dogma or becoming part of any one camp. I think music should be as complicated as it needs to be. You can’t fight the emotional profundity of a melody simply stated, nor deny the somewhat geeky pleasure of pondering (and perhaps understanding) the intricacies of the most complex textures. I know that there is no such thing as a wasted action, that all that I do (as a composer, teacher, administrator, father, biker, etc.) influences and (sometimes) inspires my work.  The trick is, there’s so much great music out there to listen to and (perhaps) to write that one should never rule out any possibilities.

Copyright ©2011 by Jody Rockmaker