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Welcome to my original website, Horn Articles Online! It is one of the oldest horn websites still on the Internet, having gone live in the fall of 1998 -- the only two older horn sites that survive in some form today are The IHS Online and the Thomas Bacon Hornplanet website, both originally developed by Bruce Hembd.

IInitially this site focused on the history of the horn in the 19th century in an online book format, with long form articles draw from my dissertation and other publications. Within a few years Horn Articles Online grew to include a variety of content related to horn playing and all the middle brass instruments a horn player might encounter, becoming one of the go to resources for the horn. Hosted since 2001 on a server at Arizona State University, I also included within the site for many years my personal website and the ASU Horn Studio website. And of course, I built with Bruce Hembd the website Horn Matters.

While it still displays fine, and there is steady site traffic, nevertheless my perception was that Horn Articles Online had become dated to the extent that it might be time to take it down. On considering the options, and with encouragement of readers, I decided in the summer of 2021 to update and streamline Horn Articles Online to a clean state, functioning much as it has for the past 20 years. All the best content has been retained. It is still a dated site in that the display is not responsive -- it does not look very good on a phone. Nevertheless, I hope that visitors might find the clean HTML design of Horn Articles Online refreshing on all larger devices, and that they also would continue to find it a useful resource for many more years.

John Ericson
Professor of Music, horn
Arizona State University

P.S., If you are interested in even more on the history of Horn Articles Online, see this article from 2008.

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