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     Dr. Lin provides services to the community as a referee for


1.          Adsorption

2.          Advanced Materials

3.          Advanced Functional Materials

4.          Angew. Chem. Int. Ed

5.          AIChE Journal

6.          AIChE Symposium Series

7.          Applied Catalysis A: General

8.          Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

9.          Chemistry of Materials

10.       Chemical Vapor Deposition

11.       Chemical Engineering Journal

12.       Chemical Engineering Science

13.       Catalysis Communication

14.       Catalysis Letters

15.       Catalysis Today

16.       Crystal Growth and Design

17.       Environmental Science and Technology

18.       Industry and Engineering Chemical Research

19.       International Journal of Pollution Control

20.       International Journal of Applied Ceramics

21.       Journal of American Ceramic Society

22.       Journal of American Chemical Society

23.       Journal of Applied Polymer Science

24.       Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

25.       Journal of Electrochemical Society

26.       Journal of Hydrogen Energy

27.       Journal of Materials Research

28.       Journal of Materials Science

29.       Journal of Membrane Science

30.       Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems

31.       Journal of Nanoparticle Research

32.       Journal of Physical Chemistry

33.       Journal of Solid State Chemistry

34.       Langmuir

35.      Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

36.      Nature

37.       Nature Materials

38.       Separation and Purification Technology

39.       Separation Science and Technology

40.       Solid State Ionics

41.    Science

42.    Thermochimica Acta  

43.       Thin Solid Films

44.     Energy and Environmental Science


      Funding Agencies and Organizations:

1.          Austrian National Science Foundation (FWF)

2.          Australian Research Council

3.          Arab Science & Technology Foundation

4.          California Energy Commission

5.          Hong Kong Grant Council

6.          Illinois Clean Coal Institute

7.          Louisiana Board of Regents

8.          National Natural Science Foundation of China

9.          Norwagien Research Council

10.       Petroleum Research Fund

11.       Singapore Science and Engineering Research Council (A-STAR)

12.       Third World Academy of Sciences

13.       University of Queensland (Australia)

14.       University of Southern California

15.       U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation

16.       US Department of Agriculture

17.       US Department of Energy

18.       US Department of Defense

19.       US Environmental Protection Agency

20.       US National Science Foundation




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