Bernard W. Kobes

Bernard W. Kobes

Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Arizona State University

(480) 965-4149
address: Dept. Philosophy
Box 874302
Tempe AZ 85287-4302

Ph.D., Philosophy, UCLA, 1986

areas of specialization:

philosophy of language
philosophy of mind

curriculum vitae (PDF)

some of my papers:  
(1989) "Semantics and Psychological Prototypes" (PDF image)
(1990) "Individualism and Artificial Intelligence" (JSTOR through ASU; restricted access)
(1991) "On a Model for Psycho-Neural Coevolution" (PDF image)
(1991) Review of Bach, Thought and Reference (JSTOR through ASU; restricted access)
(1992) Review of Stich, Fragmentation of Reason (JSTOR through ASU; restricted access)
(1993) "Self-Attributions Help Constitute Mental Types", commentary on Gopnik & Goldman (PDF image)
(1995) "Access and What it is Like", commentary on Block (PDF image)
(1995) "Telic Higher-Order Thoughts and Moore's Paradox" (JSTOR through ASU; restricted access)
(1997) Review of Metcalfe and Shimamura (eds), Metacognition (PDF)
(2000) "Unity of Consciousness and Bi-Level Externalism" (PDF)
(2003) "Names and Natural Kinds", for International Encyclopedia of Linguistics (PDF image)
(2003) "Mental Content and Hot Self-Knowledge" (Google Book Search) (PDF image)
(2005) Review of Tye, Consciousness and Persons (Psyche) (PDF)
(2007) "The Philosopher's Projective Error" (PDF)
(draft) "The Apriori in Chess" (PDF)
(draft) "Functionalist Theories of Consciousness", for Oxford Companion to Consciousness (PDF)
(draft) "Burge's Dualism" (PDF)
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