ASB 311 Principles of Social Anthropology/ASU West/Prof. Koptiuch


Re-read frequently!
One typed page only (double spaced). Essays to be read aloud in class!
The purpose of these essays is to encourage you to 
  • -keep up with the readings
  • -synthesize your understanding of course materials
  • -raise pertinent issues for discussion
  • -develop your own anthropological perspective
Check out the web page of  
ASU Westís 
Center for Writing Across the Curriculum 
for writing and style guides, grammatical rules, etc.
choose topic analysis and argument path of critical essay opinions?
title the essay short guide to a strong essay audience ASB311 home page

Choose a focused topic (you can only do so much in one page!) Title your essays A Critical Essay should almost always
1) present an analysis and 2) develop an argument

Path of critical essay: 
topic statement--->analysis---->argument---->conclusion/implications
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There are MANY effective styles and strategies for writing essays.
No single form will be privileged in this class.
You have license to experiment!!
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NOTE: These are NOT simply "opinion papers"

  Your audience is listening! 
Address your classmates, not just your professor!

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