ASB 311 Principles of Social Anthropology/ASU West/Prof. Koptiuch

Attendance taken
Critical Essays (choose 2 out of 3)
1 page only, double spaced, typed
Mini-presentations (2), in-class assessments, etc
Demonstrate preparation and understanding of course materials
Take-home Exam
Essay questions distributed one week before exam due date
Media Collage & presentation 
Ethnographic surrealist collage
Ethnography Field Project
5-7 pp. final paper; based on fieldwork in the U.S. “Third World”
Final Presentation

Brief oral presentation of your field project, required as 10% of your paper grade

Grading scale:  A = 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C =70-79%, D = 60-69%, E = <60%

PRIORITY: Keep up with readings!!

BLACKBOARD COURSE CONFERENCE--Electronic Reserves and other communications will be handled through our Blackboard [BB] conference.  Students are responsible for accessing Electronic Reserves and checking email regularly; email can be forwarded to students’ off-campus address. Test out Blackboard asap, ask for help if needed!  Go to

IMPORTANT:  ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN HARD COPY, TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED !!!!  Check out the fabulous Technopolis for computing facilities!

ASSIGNMENTS:  Students are responsible for all assigned readings.  Read PRIOR to the assigned class time.  Class lectures and discussions will cover material supplemental to the readings, in addition to guiding you through them, so don’t miss class--come even if you are unprepared!  Assignments are due on the date scheduled regardless of absence. You are encouraged to consult with instructor at any time for assistance and ideas on improving your performance.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS:  Unexcused late assignments will automatically have 10 % deducted from the grade, and must be turned in by the end of the week they were due (an additional 10 % will be deducted each week thereafter).  Absence from class does not excuse you from delivering your assignments at the appropriate time. 
CAUTION: Harmful to your grade!

CLASS PARTICIPATION (including reading your critical essays in class and discussing your classmates' essays) is expected and will be considered in the assignment of final grades (especially in borderline cases). If you are not present in class, you deprive the class of your valuable contributions!

WRITING GUIDELINES  All work written for this course should be of a level appropriate to college students.  Mechanics and grammar DO count.  Please type and proofread carefully-- Spellcheck rules! Everyone can improve their writing skills--even great writers.  Check out the Learning Resource Center (next to Technopolis) for assistance in improving your work.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  The absolute highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct is a requirement of this course.  Deviations from this principle on any graded activity will not be tolerated.  Academic misconduct includes cheating on assignments and exams, and plagiarizing (using any work other than your own without proper acknowledgment).  Academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade of "E."  It’s not worth it!

CAVEAT:  If necessary or appropriate, the instructor reserves the option to change scheduled class topics, assignments, or due dates.  Quizzes may be given if deemed necessary.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides information and services to students with any documented disability who are attending ASU West.  Individualized program strategies and recommendations are available for each student as well as current information regarding community resources.  Students may also have access to specialized equipment and supportive services.  Please contact instructor for accommodations that are necessary for course completion.


If you do not intend to complete the course it is advisable to officially withdraw.
Withdrawal deadlines—unrestricted: Sept. 26, restricted: Oct. 31, 2003.
The University does not permit withdrawal after the final deadline.  This is your responsibility!

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