ASB 311 /Koptiuch

Week I

Homework Questions 

to help guide your reading and get you started

(handed out in class)

These are “big-picture” questions—no need to get bogged down in the details and fine-tuned in’s and out’s at this point.


Pandian—Anthropology and the Western Tradition


1.  what does Pandian tell us is the purpose of his study?


2.  what is the “Western tradition”?


3.  what does Pandian mean by “authentic anthropology”?


4.  what historic time period does Pandian focus on, and why?


5.  Pandian argues:” the most distinctive characteristic of anthropology is the incorporation of the Other into ourselves.What does he mean by “inventing the human other”?

Conrad—Heart of Darkness


1.  Why is Africa a place of darkness in the novel? (no longer a “white patch for a boy to dream about”?)


2.  What is the “civilizing mission” and the “white man’s burden"?