Migration & Culture

Spring 2003

Please review photos, select the photos you want to include in your own web pages, and copy them to disk/hardrive/dropbox.    

To copy a photo: Open the link to the file you want.  Tap on the thumbnail of the image you want, to open it to large size.  Tap on the photo, right-click (for PC's) and choose save to disk, store the photo in a folder.  
Test Images For webpage workshop 2/25/03.
Try copying a photo to put on one of your own web pages.
Classmates Photos Taken in class when presenting Family Migration Object
Phoenix Day-Labor Center Located on 25th Street just south of Bell Road.  Taken by Dr. K. in February 2003 shortly after it opened.
Borderlinks Fieldtrip to Nogales, Mexico The vast majority of the photos we took with the ASU West digital cameras are missing, lost in the infamous and tragic accident upon our return home.  Luckily, several students took photos with their own cameras.  These survived, and are made available here for everyone to access, organized both by topic and by photographer.

If anyone has more photos, please get them to Dr K so we can add them here.

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  • Deb Note: these photos are not yet incorporated into the Topic files below--will do soon asap.
  • Donna
  • Mark
  • Matt

  • Last year's class fieldtrip photos

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