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    My "mock magazine cover" utilizes imagery from the Greek myth of Atlas, one of the sons of Poseidon who supported the world on his shoulders.  The intent was to convey the gravity of the immigration situation as it is often portrayed in the media.  By painting Atlas with stars and stripes and giving him liberty's crown, he is obviously meant to be associated with the United States.  The bleak colors and landscape again demonstrate the seriousness of the situation.  Atlas is not hefting the globe in a sunny field with daisies blooming, but on jagged rocks, under dark, stormy clouds.  No stance is taken in this piece on whether Atlas' chore was imposed on him, or self inflicted.
    The first of the headlines, asking weather America has  "too much to handle," defines the globe as the weighty issue of continued immigration.  The other headlines demonstrate more immigration themes to be found in the media, including the tendency to lump political refugees into the same category.  They are not as alarmist as some, although they definitely aim to grab the reader's attention (as any headline does).  In particular, the title "How will America adapt?" is meant to convey a sense that the country will be able to cope with the issue, even though it may require some major (and even painful) changes as a whole.  Although Atlas is obviously struggling, he has not yet let his responsibility fall.
    An interesting side note, in light of the context of this piece: in my research, I discovered a version of the myth where Atlas is turned to stone by Perseus as punishment for not being hospitable. . .

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