My Open Letter

The Migration class this semester expanded my knowledge regarding the hardships that most immigrants face in trying to provide the kind of life that will sustain their families and encourage hope. Most Americans assume that all migrants are coming to the United States but this class detailed that only a small percent of world migrants move to America. We also learned how many nations are the key instigators which cause their export of their citizens. From Grupos Beta in Mexico to the quality control classes in the Philippines, people are trained on how to survive immigration. The most impressive aspect of the class was the trip to Nogales. Seeing first hand the environment that causes people to migrate will stay with me for some time. I'll never forget eating in the home, which is the size of my family room, of a poor Mexican family. The food was delicious as I went back for seconds and the people seemed happy enough yet I could never shake the thought that only a few miles away existed wealth and extravagance beyond their dreams. The saddest aspect of the class was an accident that caused the loss of life to Shequila James and greatly hurt two other students, not to mention the professor. It was a tragedy that affected the whole class yet, thankfully, it served to bring us together.

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