Federation for American Immigration Reform

1) Title of agency or organization? Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

2) Where is home base (city/state/country)? Washington, DC

3) Date founded? 1979

4) Names of key spokespersons/officers Nancy S. Anthony is the Chairman of FAIR, with a board of directors consisting of 10 members. These members include: Sharon Barnes, Henry M. Buhl, Major General Douglas E. Caton, Donald A. Collins, Sarah G. Epstein, Peter Gadiel, John Rohe, Stephen B. Swensrud, John Tanton, M.D. and Alan Weeden.

5) What/who is key constituency or audience? FAIR's main audience would be the U.S. national government, specifically the legislature. The constituents of FAIR are legal U.S. citizens, probably wealthy ones based on their contribution page requesting donations via credit card on a monthly basis.

6) What are the agency’s main activities? FAIR's activities include: academic research, education of the public, "media outreach", the organization of grassroots movements, governmental lobbying and legal litigation at the local, state and national levels.

7) Mission statement? (you may quote mission statement if available; use quotation marks)
FAIR doesn't specifically state a mission, however, their overall mission would seem to be to decrease immigration, legal and illegal both to levels that in their view the U.S. can handle economically and environmentally. Further, they seek to achieve this goal through lobbying and public education on the effects of immigration.

8) What are the key im/migration issues of concern to this agency? This agency is solely concerned with immigration to the United States, be it legal or illegal. They seek to stop illegal immigration and lower legal immigration limits to well below the current numbers.

9) What appears to be the most common informational basis for statements issued, press releases, reports, etc.? Besides having it’s own staff researchers for academic publications, FAIR also has several committees that it staffs with people from various immigration fields. For example, the
Law Enforcement Advisory Council is made up of former immigration agents, Border Patrol Agents and other law officials who advise FAIR and other governmental agencies on policy decisions relating to their field experience.

10) Any publications? (what types, sample titles; if online, give links) FAIR has several publications. The Immigration Report is their newsletter, published 10 times yearly, and can be found at: http://www.fairus.org/Research/ResearchList.cfm?c=54
FAIR also has a host of publications and research reports, including: Immigration 101, Why Should Immigration Concern You?, The Cost of Illegal Immigration to Arizonans, and Invitation to Terror: How Our Immigration System Still Leaves America at Risk. These publications and many others can be found at: http://www.fairus.org/Research/ResearchList.cfm?c=55

12) Give at least one citation of this agency in a newspaper article (preferably an Arizona newspaper).
"Perhaps even more astounding than the $ 1.3 billion a year that uncontrolled illegal immigration is costing Arizona is the rate at which those costs are increasing," said the author of the study, Jack Martin, special projects director at FAIR, which advocates reducing the levels of both legal and illegal immigration into the United States."

Ibarra, Ignacio. "Illegal Immigration Costs Arizona $1.3 Billion Yearly, Study Finds. Arizona Daily Star. June 4, 2004. Lexis-Nexis. 1 February, 2005. http://0-web.lexis-nexis.com.library.lib.asu.edu:80/universe/document?_m=8ec003c72557ecd832bdf83ae263b3db&_docnum=4&wchp=dGLbVzz-zSkVA&_md5=d1438d74b1856c435e113ddce12d8886

13) Other issues of interest? None.

14) Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? (you may need to determine this from readings its position papers, press releases, news reports, etc)
This agency is very noticeably against immigration.

15) Web site? Give URL http://www.fairus.org/

Work Completed by: Stephanie Cleland

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