Family Object
by Angelo Di Pasquale

My family came to the US from different parts of the world. My mother's family came from Uruguay a small country near Argentina and Brazil in South America. My family object was brought over from Italy by my grandfather (Mom's dad) because that is what his father did for business back in Italy.

My great grandfather was a copper designer. He designed portraits and painted statues with copper to give them a shiny appeal. My grandfather brought over one of his designs from Italy. The picture below is a replica of the picture that my great grandfather designed. My grandfather remade it with copper after the first was destroyed when he immigrated to the US.

As you can see there is a detailed art form that accompanies this picture. This picture no longer has the words "ITALY" on it yet my grandfather changed the words to "URUGUAY" because he wanted his kids to be able to remember it.


Another picture that I have is a picture that my father's family had. This picture is not as old and does not have a detailed story but it is interesting none the less. The picture is of a man in Sicily, Italy who is riding a donkey up the path through the mountainous area after working on the farms.This reminds my father of what he and his brothers went through on a daily basis. Please take time and look at these pictures because they represent the hardships that my family went through.

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