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Protect Arizona Now

(The Funny part of working with this agency, before I looked it up I thought it had to do with the environment and wildlife in Arizona)

The agency that I got was Protect Arizona Now. It is more of a law which was passed on Nov. 2, 2004. It is an organization/ law which goes against immigration and any benefits that illegal immigrants might be able to obtain such as health care/ benefits, money for education and things of such matter. In general this law goes against illegal immigrants and it supporters want a more “pure” state.
A.        Title of agency or organization?
Protect Arizona Now (PAN)
B.        Where is home base (city/state/country)?
Arizona, its mailing address is PO Box 11000 Glendale AZ.
C.        Date founded?
This law was passed on November 2, 2004, but its supporters have been around for years trying to pass law that are similar.
D.        Names of key spokespersons/officers
Corporation Commissioners: Mike Gleason, Jeff Hatch-Miller, Bill Mundell.
County Attorney: Andrew Thomas
And about 32 people that have districts which they govern.
E.        What/who is key constituency or audience?
The audience is anyone against illegal immigration and who want to stop illegal immigrants from receiving help from the government.
F.        What are the agency’s main activities?
Passing bills that make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to receive ACCCHS, education, and other benefits such as these.
G.        Mission statement? (you may quote mission statement if available; use quotation marks)
“We’ve seen our state increasingly burdened by the negative effects of illegal aliens coming to this state against the laws of our country. We the taxpayers have been forced to pay for expensive benefits given away to illegal aliens… We believe enough has been to much and we intend to set things right rather than sit idly by.”
H.        What are the key im/migration issues of concern to this agency?
Benefits that illegal aliens receive and to make it more difficult for immigrants to vote.
I.        What appears to be the most common informational basis for statements issued, press releases, reports, etc.?
Articles posted on the internet such as newspaper articles, their own web sites and people’s websites that support this law.
J.        Any publications? (what types, sample titles; if online, give links)
On their web site there are various publications and also various newspaper artcles.
K.        Give at least one citation of this agency in a newspaper article (preferably an Arizona newspaper). Use a citation index to research this e.g., Lexis Nexis, available from the Migration Course Web Page made by the Fletcher Library: Provide a quote from the article that gives a good idea of this agency’s perspective on im/migration. Note: not a quote from agency’s own web site.
Prop. 200 spurs efforts nationwide
Groups seek to duplicate migrant law
Yvonne Wingett
The Arizona Republic
Jan. 24, 2005 12:00 AM
L.        Other issues of interest?
Issues of interests revolve around the same area concerning illegal immigration rights.
M.        Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? (you may need to determine this from readings its position papers, press releases, news reports, etc)
Definitely con immigration
N.        Web site? Give URL
Research Sources:
Arizona republic
PAN official website
Pro conservative article
Protect Arizona Now
A Moderate Solution That Fixes Immigration Instead of Preventing It
by Rachel Alexander, Editor
10 March 2004
Wikipedia free encyclopedia ://
Protect Arizona Now results.

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