Im/migrant Agency Report

In these brief reports, students respond to questions about the migration perspectives of an assigned im/migrant agency or organization, based on their Internet research. These annotations will compile a resource list to serve as a guide for the class and others concerned with im/migration issues.

A.        Title of agency or organization? Center for Immigration Studies

B.        Where is home base (city/state/country)? Washington, DC USA

C.        Date founded? 1985

D.        Names of key spokespersons/officers: Mark Kirkorian, Executive Director
Steven Camarota, Director of Research

E.        What/who is key constituency or audience? Anyone interested in immigration but especially those who consider themselves to be low-immigration supporters coupled with stricter immigration policies.

F.        What are the agency’s main activities? The agency conducts research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration affecting the United States. Their members also publish many articles and give congressional testimony.

G.        Mission statement? (you may quote mission statement if available; use quotation marks)
“It is the Center's mission to expand the base of public knowledge and understanding of the need for an immigration policy that gives first concern to the broad national interest. The Center is animated by a pro-immigrant, low-immigration vision which seeks fewer immigrants but a warmer welcome for those admitted.”

H.        What are the key im/migration issues of concern to this agency? The Center for Immigration Studies is interested in a very board array of topics concerning immigration effects on the United States. For example they examine the number of legal/illegal immigrants in the United States giving statistics on the total number, where they come from, immigrants unemployment levels, immigration during the recent recession, how the increase in immigration effects wages and jobs for U.S. citizens, levels/trends of immigration poverty, immigrants becoming citizens or becoming Americanized, and so on. They do support stricter immigration policies.

I.        What appears to be the most common informational basis for statements issued, press releases, reports, etc.? The Center of Immigration Studies does a vast amount of research and has made a lot of information available in a variety of ways. However, the most common are Backgrounders (monthly series which replaced the Immigration Review), Op-eds, magazine articles and congressional testimony.

J.        Any publications? (what types, sample titles; if online, give links) Yes, several they publish Backgrounders (previously the Immigration Review), reports, papers, books and have had may Op-eds and magazine articles published. Some of which can be accessed online at

K.        Give at least one citation of this agency in a newspaper article (preferably an Arizona newspaper). Use a citation index to research this e.g., Lexis Nexis, available from the Migration Course Web Page made by the Fletcher Library: Provide a quote from the article that gives a good idea of this agency’s perspective on im/migration. Note: not a quote from agency’s own web site.
The Associated Press State & Local Wire, Mexico's migrant guide sparks controversy in U.S. (April 27, 2004). Sample from aticle:
“"Illegal aliens will respond to the messages the government sends," Krikorian said. "When we send the message that we are thinking about amnesty, they decide it may be worth it to try to cross."”
Article located:

L.        Other issues of interest? none

M.        Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? (you may need to determine this from readings its position papers, press releases, news reports, etc) They are pro/low immigration supporters but believe immigration laws should be stricter.

N.        Web site? Give URL


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