Migrants in the City

Erin Million

The pictures are of the Mexican shops located at the SW/SE corner of Osborn and 19th Ave.  I grew up around this area.  On the NE side of the intersections is St. Gregory’s Catholic School, which was where I attended grade school.  The neighborhood has drastically become more ethnic over time.  There are many Mexican, Chinese and Middle Eastern shops further north of 19th Ave.  


However, I haven’t noticed any real differences between how the people behave compared with more traditional strip-mall type setting that previous inhabited the space.  The people were just going about their daily routines, shopping, getting their hair done, eating, and so on. 

This area is much busier during the evening and as one would assume Spanish is spoken almost exclusively.  The people shopping look like many of the Mexicans in Phoenix representing a lower-middle class Mexican-American lifestyle. 

They obviously feel connected to their roots and prefer to do business in areas that cater to their ethnic preferences in food and atmosphere (music/language/décor).  

Some may consider this actively disassociating from full American socialization.  I however, believe those who do business in this area just prefer familiarity, which can make some feel more comfortable, since many immigrate to the United States out of necessity rather than choice.


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